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What Does It Cost to Get Into Real Estate in Idaho?

Startup Costs to Become A Real Estate Agent in Idaho

As you can imagine, there are costs associated with starting your real estate career. These include everything from your initial pre-license education, to getting fingerprinted and paying for your final exam, to joining your local board of REALTORS® and your regular MLS membership dues.

Don't forget to budget for regular and ongoing expenses after you become licensed. Some may be covered for you by your broker - be sure to ask when interviewing potential brokerages to hang your license with.

Startup Costs

The cost to become a licensed real estate agent in Idaho has a few variables, but can be generally summarized by the below costs:

  • $725: Pre-License Education
  • $60: Fingerprinting
  • $80: License Exam
  • $160: Licensing
  • $210: E&O Insurance
  • $550: REALTOR® Dues*
  • $360: MLS Subscription**
  • $200: Lockbox Key
*Specific REALTOR® dues amount varies based on local REALTOR® board, also prorated monthly
** Varies based on local MLS, prorated quarterly
Optional Costs

There many optional costs to consider when starting your real estate career.  These are a few we recommend starting with:

  • $92: Lockbox
  • $75: Yard Signs
  • $20: Sign Riders
  • $40: Business Cards
  • VARIES: Brokerage Fees
  • VARIES: Marketing Budget