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Idaho Real Estate Pre-License Courses

90 Class Hours | 2 Weeks of Classes | One Amazing Career

The Idaho Real Estate Commission requires that all licensees take 90 hours of live pre-license education. All pre-license modules are available as live courses only – there is no option to complete your pre-license modules online in Idaho.

There are two pre-license modules that are required. Each module is 45 hours of in-person education that combine to make an intensive introduction into the world of real estate in Idaho. Module 1 focuses on real estate industry principles, theory and applications. Module 2 focuses on the practice of real estate including pricing, contracts and ethics. We offer both Pre-Licensing Modules 1 & 2 at the Real Estate Academy of Idaho.

Each module takes a week to complete. The courses are offered in consecutive weeks. You must take Module 1 first, but you do have the option to choose to take Module 2 immediately after Module 1, or wait until a subsequent offering. Both Modules have final tests that you must pass in order to be eligible to take the Idaho state licensing exam.

Pre-License Courses at the Real Estate Academy of Idaho

We offer both pre-license courses, Module 1 & Module 2, on a monthly basis in Boise (held remotely) and Coeur d'Alene (held in-person). Module 1's weeklong course is generally held during the first full week of each month, followed by the Module 2 weeklong course the second full week of the month. As mentioned above, we recommend taking the modules sequentially, although that is not a requirement.

Pre-License Module 1

Offered Monthly - 45 hours
The first step towards launching your real estate career. This 45-hour comprehensive course will introduce you to the basics of real estate. Immerse yourself in terminology, basic principles of land ownership, and the transfer of titles.
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Pre-License Module 2

Offered Monthly - 45 hours
The second step in completing real estate licensing requirements. This 45-hour comprehensive course introduces you to sales contracts, representation agreements, and disclosure requirements in real estate transactions.
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