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Attendance Policy

Real Estate Academy of Idaho Attendance Policy

Regular attendance means 100% attendance at all sessions of a live (including courses taught by interactive video conference) prelicense or continuing education (CE) course. The Commission obligates instructors and course providers to monitor student attendance and strictly enforce this attendance policy. A certified instructor or course provider may have his/its certification withdrawn for failure to enforce the 100% attendance policy at all course offerings.

Use of any electronic devices is not permitted during class time, unless required as part of the course. This includes texting, checking messages, incoming and outgoing calls, or any activities not related to the instruction of the course content.

A student who misses any portion (even a few minutes) of a course taken for Post License or CE elective credit may not receive credit for the course unless the provider allows the student to attend the corresponding class session(s) in a subsequent offering of the same course.

For Prelicense Only

A student who misses any portion (even a few minutes) of a prelicense course may, at the discretion of the instructor and provider, complete make-up work to satisfy the 100% attendance requirement. Make-up work is allowed ONLY for prelicense courses, and MUST be completed for all portions of the course the student does not attend. Make-up work is defined as one or more of the following:

  1. Extra homework or other assignment given by the instructor (assignment cannot duplicate material already presented in portion of class attended and must relate to subject matter the student missed); or
  2. Attendance in the corresponding class session(s) in a subsequent offering of the same course; or
  3. Supervised presentation of an audio or video recording of the class session(s) missed.

Students may meet this requirement either by completing additional work OR by attending the portion of class they missed in later class offerings, but are not obligated to complete both. A student who does not complete the required make-up work within 90 days of the scheduled course completion date for a prelicense course may not receive credit for the course. The provider must develop and maintain a school policy that outlines how make-up work will be handled. The provider’s records regarding make-up work must include a list of all sessions missed by the student and documentation to support the make-up work that was assigned and completed.

Approved by the Idaho Real Estate Commission 07/11/2019 Effective July 2019