Nikki Sorini

Nikki Sorini was born and raised in Boise and considers Idaho her forever home. She started her real estate career in 2007 as the Office Manager of a local Real Estate School.

In 2009, Nikki obtained her Idaho Real Estate License and began listing and selling homes. In 2015, Nikki was certified by the Idaho Real Estate Commission to teach Pre-License courses. Her goal is to better our industry by superior teaching. She is detail oriented and focused on providing the best experience possible! Her down to earth attitude, flexibility and willingness to meet the demands of others is what makes her different from the rest. In her spare time she hits the links, as golf is her second passion!



  1. Nikki was incredible! Her passion to do right for the Real Estate community is very apparent. I have never enjoyed a class as much as I have enjoyed hers. She’s knowledgeable, funny, caring, respectful, and really cares about her students doing well. Thank you Nikki for being you! You’re a great Instructor, and your students see your passion!

  2. Hello Karol,

    Thank you so much for this review! Nikki is an amazing instructor, and we are very blessed to have her teaching for us! We wish you all the best in your Real Estate Agent career!

    Jennifer Holm
    Academy Administrator

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