To start a career in real estate in Idaho, you’ll need to begin with the basics. (If you already hold an active license in another state, your path is different. Find out more.)

Real Estate Sales Prelicense Modules 1 & 2 (See course schedule)

Each module is 45 hours of education that combine to make an intensive introduction into the world of real estate in Idaho.  The day courses are offered in consecutive weeks each month, with additional offerings on nights and/or weekends each quarter. We strongly recommend that you take Module 1 first, and you can choose to take Module 2 immediately after or wait until a subsequent offering.  All prelicense courses are live courses – no online option here. (See course schedule)

You will also need to get fingerprints before you can get a license.  It can take up to 6 weeks for the prints to be processed.  We recommend scheduling a time as soon as you can – no need to wait until your courses are over!  You can schedule a time through Pearson Vue.  The fingerprint and testing center is located at 9183 W. Black Eagle Drive, Boise in the Black Eagle Complex.  The complex is located at the Maple Grove and Overland intersection.  The cost for having fingerprints taken is approximately $60.00.  Fingerprints are valid for six months.

Upon completion of Prelicense Modules 1 and 2, you will be prepared to take the federal and state exam.  You can schedule the exam immediately following your courses or you can wait for up to three years.  We recommend taking the exam as close to the completion of your courses as you feel comfortable – the more time you wait, the harder to recall the information learned.  To schedule the exam, you can schedule a time through Pearson Vue or you can call them at (877) 540-5833.  Pearson Vue offers three different testing facilities across the Treasure Valley, so you can choose the location that is the most convenient for you.  The Boise testing center is also the location of the fingerprinting in the Pearson Vue Office.  The cost for the exam is $80.00 each time you take it.

We often get questions about passing rates on the exam.  The testing facility does not track by individual school, but the state statistics are:

Broker Exam

Salesperson Exam

National Portion Idaho Portion National Portion Idaho Portion
First Time Retake First Time Retake First Time Retake First Time Retake
63% 58% 40% 47% 74% 45% 64% 51%

Upon completion of the tests and the fingerprinting, you are prepared to apply for a license.  You will need to complete the Idaho Real Estate Commission Salesperson License Application.  You will need the verification of fingerprints, your certificates from Modules 1 & 2, a high school or college diploma or transcripts, and the completed application.  The cost for applying for a license is $160.00 and can be done in person (or via mail) at the Idaho Real Estate Commission office located at 575 E Parkcenter Blvd, Ste 180, Boise.

The Idaho Real Estate Commission will issue a license, but it will be inactive until a broker activates it.  Every salesperson must work under an active broker in order to list or sell real estate for another.  There are many brokers to choose from and you’ll want to consider what services, technology and training you hope to receive.  We’ll offer tips during class about how to create a list of questions and we strongly encourage you to interview with several brokers – even if you think you know which brokerage you would like to represent.  We want you to feel confident with your decision to ensure that you will seek success no matter where you land!

Upon completion of the above steps, you are ready to embark on your real estate career in Idaho!  From first licensing to every renewal after, the Real Estate Academy of Idaho will be there providing your educational needs!