The cost to get into real estate has a few variables, but can be generally summarized:

  • Classes: ≈ $720
  • Fingerprints: ≈ $60
  • License Exam: ≈ $80
  • License: ≈ $160
  • E&O Insurance: ≈ $210
  • Realtor® Dues: ≈ $550
    (Specific amount will vary based on local board, also prorates monthly)
  • MLS Subscription: ≈ $360 ($90/quarter)
  • Lockbox Key: ≈ $200 (Annually or $16/monthly)
  • Lockbox*: ≈ $92
  • Signs*:  ≈ $75
  • Sign Riders*: $10-$20

Total Cost ≈  $2,500 (higher with optional costs included)

*Optional cost

The question is commonly asked, “Are there scholarships available?”  Unfortunately, there are no scholarships available  through the school.

Some brokerages will pay for school for you!  It is an incentive based on you affiliating with the brokerage.  The programs vary, but commonly, you pay the cost of school up front, and it is refunded to you out of your first closing.  You will want to do your own homework regarding who is currently offering this incentive and any restrictions or conditions that may apply.